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Carla MainCarla Main is the exclusive, WILEF endorsed writing-for-publication coach. Carla can be retained by individuals who want to learn how to write about their personal lives or express their views on current topics in a publishable style.

Who Is Carla

Carla is a former practicing attorney, award-winning journalist, editor and writing mentor, who has helped clients develop books concepts, finish manuscripts, learn to write for journalism venues, and shape written material into publishable form. Carla's mentees have published books, become successful columnists, published op-eds and book reviews and continue to write on many topics. After a decade in legal practice, first at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP and then at Herrick, Feinstein LLP, Carla went into journalism. Carla began her new career as an editor at The National Law Journal, where she edited hundreds of op-eds, book reviews and articles by lawyers. Carla's current freelance journalism career includes news, features, book reviews, essays, humor pieces, columns, op-eds and policy articles in national newspapers and magazines including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Jewish daily Forward, Trusts & Estates, the Hoover Institution's Policy Review, and Bloomberg News, as well as trade publications such as the New York Law Journal and The American Lawyer. Carla is the author of Bulldozed: Kelo, Eminent Domain and the American Lust for Land (Encounter, 2007), which won a Foreword Magazine prize for political science writing. "Main's legal background and reporting skills serve her well as she navigates [this] messy, twisting fight against city hall," wrote the Wall Street Journal in a review of Bulldozed. Carla is also a co-author of Truth Be Veiled: A Justin Steele Murder Case (CoffeeTown Press 2010), exploration of criminal law and ethical quandaries. Carla is a voting member of both the National Book Critics Circle and The Authors Guild.

What is the focus of the coaching?

The goal of the coaching is to empower clients by giving them the tools to tell stories from their own lives and express ideas that matter to them. Other coaching goals include working with the client to:

What else does the coaching include?

Another goal of the coaching is to leave the client with written work that is ready for the next stage. Examples include a completed book proposal, an op-ed ready to submit to editors, or an essay that can to serve as the start of a family history, a memoir, or a blogging project.

How do the coach and the client work together?

Most coaching sessions take place over the phone; Skype is also an option. Drafts of written material are exchanged by email for discussion, with email follow-up.

How to reach Carla: carlamain@aol.com

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