The Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) was launched in May of 2007 with its first program at the University Club in New York City. It was attended by over one hundred women. In 2009, WILEF’s Global Chair and Co-Founder, Betiayn Tursi, expanded WILEF to a national platform with the launch of WILEF West—now WILEF Northern California. In 2010 WILEF DC and in 2011 WILEF Chicago debuted. In October of 2014, WILEF Southwest was launched—now WILEF Houston. WILEF Boston followed. In 2015 WILEF went global with the launch of WILEF London. In the same year WILEF expanded to Los Angeles as a separate market–now WILEF Southern California. In April of 2019 WILEF Paris was launched. The dream is now a reality and as Betiayn always says, “It’s all about giving women in law the toolbox to become leaders”.