Career Management Coaching

Sheryl Odentz is a WILEF-endorsed, career management coach and consultant for lawyers. Sheryl can be retained for business development training/coaching; leadership/executive coaching; and/or career transition/outplacement consulting by law firms, corporations, or individuals.



Sheryl is the Founder and President of Progress in Work LLC, an award-winning career management firm for lawyers. For 25+ years, Sheryl has coached thousands of lawyers from primarily the AM Law 100 and 200 firms and Fortune 500 companies in business development, leadership, and career transitions.

Sheryl has been recognized as one of the best career management coaches in business development and career transition coaching through surveys conducted by The National Law Journal, The Chicago National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, and Connecticut Law Tribune. Sheryl frequently lectures and writes about business development, leadership, and career management topics. Her articles have appeared in the New York Law Journal, Law Journal Newsletters, Law Practice Today, NALP Bulletin, and The Lawyers Connect E-Newsletters.

Prior to founding Progress in Work in 2001, Sheryl held leadership roles in sales and marketing with Fortune 500 companies and management consulting firms. She received her M.A. and Ed.M. degrees, with honors, from Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she studied Psychological Counseling, specializing in Business and Industry. Sheryl is one of approximately 200 Career Management Fellows worldwide, a recognition bestowed by the renowned Institute of Career Certification International. She obtained additional training as a leadership coach from iCoachNY, and she is certified in a variety of career management instruments.

Progress in Work is the culmination of Sheryl’s DNA, academic training in work/career psychology, and experience in sales and marketing. This rare combination of factors makes her particularly qualified to assist her clients with a wide range of career management needs.


Coaching assignments address business development, leadership, and/or career transitions needs. Sheryl believes that every lawyer has unique circumstances and stories, and, for that reason, coaches clients one-on-one. Sheryl helps clients stay organized, accountable, and moving forward. She sends clients notes of key points covered during each coaching session, as well as commitments and actions to implement between coaching sessions.

Business Development Training/Coaching

Sheryl helps lawyers build their practices through a structured approach that uses Consultative-Selling techniques. Sheryl provides interactive skill-building training and uses lawyers’ existing clients, prospective clients, and referral sources as the foundation of each discussion. Sheryl can address a wide variety of business development topics (e.g., creating business development plans, building trust and credibility, presenting for impact, creating methods to stay top-of-mind, addressing objections and hesitations, developing long-term clients, and cross-selling) and has created at least 150 pages of supplementary materials that she uses in her discussions. She uses a proprietary diagnostic instrument designed for lawyers to identify their strengths and weaknesses in Consultative-Selling. To initiate the process, she offers optional Group Training at retreats, and other conferences/events. This training is followed up by one-on-one coaching. Coaching generally occurs over a minimum of six-months, with regular meetings held via phone, Skype, and/or at Sheryl’s office in NYC.

Leadership/Executive Coaching

Sheryl helps lawyers enhance their leadership, management, interpersonal, communication, and business development skills within their current organizations. Sheryl implements “action learning”, a process by which clients use their own experiences to learn and change behavior in order to meet both their personal goals and the performance goals of their organizations. Sheryl uses an array of leadership/executive coaching assessments and may conduct a 360-degree assessment in certain cases. These assessment tools provide a comprehensive view of performance and a clear guide for focused development. Coaching generally occurs over a six month period, with regular meetings held via phone, Skype, and/or at Sheryl’s office in NYC.

Career Transition/Outplacement Consulting

Sheryl helps lawyers successfully transition to career opportunities that may be a better fit for them and conducive to career advancement. Sheryl’s philosophical approach is to encourage lawyers to consciously drive and accept responsibility for the arc of their careers. The process typically begins with intake and career assessments (e.g., assessments of aptitudes, skills, interests, personality, and values). It then progresses to job-search training and development of a personalized marketing plan. It ends with training in effective communication, and negotiation upon receiving a job offer. Coaching typically occurs over a six-month period; however, time can vary depending upon a client’s needs. Meetings are held via phone, Skype, and/or at Sheryl’s office in NYC.


Phone: 212-532-6670