As Global Chair of WILEF, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) web site. Now in its eleventh year, we continue to build out WILEF as the premier organization for women in law exclusively dedicated to women from Elizabeth-Anne-Betiayn-Tursi the largest law firms and corporate law departments in the United States. The importance of helping women in law achieve their career goals cannot be minimized. In today's environment law firms are focused on retaining existing clients and developing new business. Part of the equation involves fostering the retention and promotion of women.

The WILEF Gold Standard Certification initiative which we launched in 2011 has clearly become the centerpiece of our continued commitment to being the change agent for women in law firms to rise within the firm as business developers and leaders. We are so proud of the firms that have certified and we look forward to other firms achieving this status.

Currently WILEF presents cutting edge programming in seven markets--WILEF East (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), WILEF Northern California (San Francisco and Palo Alto), WILEF Southern California (Los Angeles), WILEF Chicago (Chicago and its surrounding area), WILEF Houston, WILEF Boston and WILEF London.

WILEF Co-Founders include: Peggy Cohen (WILEF East), Jane Sullivan Roberts (WILEF DC) and Lisa Snow (WILEF Chicago);WILEF Co-Vice Chairs: Janet Markoff (WILEF East), Andrea Marino (WILEF DC), Elizabeth McCloy (WILEF Chicago), Noelle Reed (WILEF Houston), Melinda Wallman (WILEF London/International); WILEF Co-Chairs: Phyllis Korff and Taisa Markus (WILEF East), Mary Huser, Meryl Macklin and Carol Morganstern (WILEF Northern California), Stacy Horth-Neubert, Leslie Helmer and Merle Vaughn (WILEF Southern California), Susan Charles, Linda Myers and Jennifer Reiners (WILEF Chicago), Amy Monroe, Laura Gibson and Stefanie Moll (WILEF Houston), Rajinder Bassi and Lynnsey McCall (WILEF London). Melique Jones and Danyale Price co-chair WILEF’s Diversity Committee; Libby McGarry chairs the WILEF Certification Committee and Shira Nadich Levin chairs the WILEF Young Lawyers Committee. WILEF Administration: Mary Hicks, Global Director of Administration, Rhonda Horowitz, Director, Office of the Global Chair and Gwen Nugent Flanagan, Director of Finance; Executive Directors: Senior Executive Director Silvana DelCarpio (WILEF DC), Gabriella Guajardo (WILEF Chicago), Nesli Orhon (WILEF Boston). Michelle Turner (WILEF Southern California), and Suvi Bisnath (WILEF London).

--Elizabeth Anne “Betiayn” Tursi, Global Chair and Co-Founder, WILEF


Our vision is to create a dialogue for the purpose of educating women in law on how to become leaders in the workplace and in the community by building, exercising and implementing a strong sense of empowerment. We will “start the conversation” on the topics that are top of mind to all women in law. We will lead by example as change agents. Our goal is to achieve results that will foster the adoption of new policies and practices to advance women in law.


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See Certification page for information regarding 2017 Gold Standard Certification.

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